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David Frenkel
Managing Partner, CEO


David L. Frenkel is the Managing Member of Frenkel Lambert. Mr. Frenkel’s connection to and affection for the firm runs deep.  He began working at the firm, then Eschen & Eschen, in 1985, as a summer law clerk while a student attending Stony Brook University.  During this time, David worked closely with the managing partner, Marvin Eschen. At that time, Mr. Eschen, an engineer, an attorney, and avid sailor was at the firm’s helm balancing a portfolio consisting of products liability, insurance subrogation and general practice matters, all without the benefit of modern technology.  Through Mr. Eschen, David gained experience, received  encouragement and became further motivated to pursue a career in law.  Even then as a young law clerk, Mr. Frenkel observed a redundancy of efforts by Mr. Eschen’s staff and attorneys and knew that technology was going to eliminate those redundancies and increase real productivity.

Mr. Frenkel graduated from New York Law school in 1990 and began working with the firm as an attorney shortly thereafter.  Mr. Frenkel quickly developed and grew the firm’s mortgage litigation practice.  In 1994 he earned partnership in the firm.  In 1996, with a heavy heart resulting from the sudden passing of his mentor, law-partner and friend, Marvin Eschen, David assumed the role of managing partner.

As managing partner of the firm, Mr. Frenkel led the rapid transformation and growth of the firm taking advantage of the emerging case management technologies.  Not satisfied with the “out of the box” software, the firm invested in customized software that enhances accuracy, efficiency and service.  Alongside the commitments in software development the firm made and continues to make continuous investments in hardware infrastructure and IT security.

The firm grew with the addition of partners and was rebranded as Eschen Frenkel Weisman & Gordon.   In 2008, Mr. Frenkel drove the merger with and acquisition of Lambert & Weiss, a boutique and highly respected firm focusing on Insurance Subrogation, Fidelity, Surety  and Commercial law.  Always envisioning the future, the next natural evolution for Frenkel Lambert was the  expansion of the firm’s jurisdictional and geographic footprint.  Mr. Frenkel’s vision and continued investment in technology transformed the firm from a single office firm with a  New York City/Long Island centric practice into a multi-state firm with seven offices handling matters throughout all of New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Mr. Frenkel’s vision and investment in the future continues.  In an environment where rules, statutes, and case law can quickly change, law firms must be able to pivot and recalibrate quickly to be in compliance.  Through the development of a customized case management application, of bi-directional interfaces and document management software, Frenkel Lambert can quickly incorporate procedural and substantive changes while continuing to create efficiency gains that both serve our clients’ and the firm’s interests.